One of the primary objective of the trust is to offer high quality and affordable health and dental care to the people of Thiruvallur. one of the backward districts of Tamil Nadu. Being a motivated social activist, I was aggrieved to see the widespread prevalence of oral diseases and lack of oral hygiene and awareness amongst the largely backward population of the Thiruvallur District of TamilNadu.

Realizing the need for immediate action, I decided to establish a world-class dental college at Thiruvallur District that will be owned and operated by Indira Educational and charitable trust at Pandur, Thiruvallur. It gives me immense pleasure and a great sense of pride in witnessing Our institution develop into an ultramodern and state of the art dental institution that has become a trailblazer in the field of Dental Education.

Teaching effectiveness is greatly linked with human touch and approach. Hence the personality and knowledge of the teaching faculty in an Institution plays a vital role and become an extremely important factor in disseminating knowledge and developing the personality of students. We have a well-conceived plan and an effective mechanism to recruit highly qualified and dedicated faculty. This ensures that every student gets the finest quality of education. We believe that in addition to space, premises and infrastructure which are indispensable, an ideal ambience is the sum total of the utility of space, structure and equipment, learning resources, educational aids, information stock and other knowledge sharing devices.

We have taken every effort and will continue to strive towards providing such an ambience.